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Black Tipped British Shorthair

Jeraz British Shorthair

Breeder of Pedigree Black Tipped British Shorthair

Also British Shorthair in Whites & Blue's & Fawns

British Shorthair member of gccf Breeders Scheme
Jeraz British shorthair Member of gccf breeders scheme

British Shorthair

Sorry All these babies have now found their lovely new homes

Below are picture's of my previous litter. click on there picture for more pictures of them growing up.

Blue Collar Boy,

Now gone to live with

Mr J Murphy and has been named Charlie.

Green Collar Boy,Now gone to live Mr & Mrs M Cole and has been named Chase. 

Lillac Collar Girl, Now gone to live with

Ms A Eagle and has been named Molly.

Orange Collar Boy, Has now gone to live with Mr & Mrs Feignhan and has been named Beau.

Purple Collar Girl, Has now gone to live with Mr & Mrs Townsend and Children, has been named Lotte.

Red Collar Girl, Has Now gone to live with

Miss L Emmins and has been named Dolly.

Turq Collar Boy,

Now gone to live with Mr & Mrs Daniel's and been named Harry.

Yellow Collar Girl

Is going to go and live with Mr & Mrs Bird and been named Rosie.

Puppies at 5 weeks old

Puppies are 4 weeks old, how time flies, they are getting good on there feet now and not really wobbly.

They started being weaned so gave them there 1st taste of food, which they loved and soon polished off they didnt even get that dirty.

I have now started to potty train and they are all doing so well. 

Puppies are 3 weeks old

Puppies at 2 weeks old,

They are all doing well and now even started to open there eyes.

Green Collar

Turquoise Collar 

Yellow Collar

Orange Collar

Purple Collar

Blue Collar

Red Collar

Lilac Collar

Puppies 1 Week Old

Puppies 3 Hours Old