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Black Tipped British Shorthair

Jeraz British Shorthair

Breeder of Pedigree Black Tipped British Shorthair

Also British Shorthair in Whites & Blue's & Fawns

British Shorthair member of gccf Breeders Scheme
Jeraz British shorthair Member of gccf breeders scheme

British Shorthair

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

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My Labradoodle's. Please click on there pictures for more details of them..

My Labradoodles have all been health tested, with good hips scores. elbow are 0, they are DNA'd colour coated and prcd-PRA along with getting their eyes tested every year.

Molly - She is a White F1 Labradoodle

Daisy - She is a White F1b Labradoodle

Poppy - She is a White F2b Labradoodle