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Black Tipped British Shorthair

Jeraz British Shorthair

Breeder of Pedigree Black Tipped British Shorthair

Also British Shorthair in Whites & Blue's & Fawns

British Shorthair member of gccf Breeders Scheme
Jeraz British shorthair Member of gccf breeders scheme

British Shorthair

British shorthair kittens


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British Shorthair Kittens Available

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All Kittens will be GCCF Non Active Registered, Fully Vaccinated, Micrchipped, 5 Weeks Insurance with Agria, 4/5 Generation Pedigree & Kittie Pack which includes All Certificates, Cat Litter, Litter Tray, Toys, Bowl, Personalized Blanket and teddy. all in a Personalized Bag, 2Kg Natural Instinct Raw & Dry RC, and will leave me when they are a minimum of 13 Weeks old.

Deposit of £200.00 Non-Refundable.


Sorry all have been reserved


Sheephouse Shooting Star X Zar of Sibiria from town house

1 White Male - Reserved

1 White Male - Reserved

1 Blue Male - Reserved

D.O.B - 23.02.19

Ready - 25.05.19

Jeraz Emporio Armani - Reserved

Jeraz Armani Diamonds - Reserved

Sorry all have been Reserved


Cefira's Jeraz Moonlight Bear X Adjulbr Jeraz HuggleBear

3 Blue Bi Colour's

1 Lilac Bi Colour

1 Blue

D.O.B - 13.01.19

Ready - 14.04.19